Lesson Topic: Bicycles

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Target audience: 4-5 grade students

Objective: Student will identify how to properly wear a bicycle helmet. Students will identify risks for not wearing a bicycle helmet. Students will review road rules.

Materials: Page 4 of the following PDF for coloring handout: http://www.nhtsa.gov/people/outreach/KidsPage/archive/bussafety/bckschool_safely/handouts.pdf ,Computer and projector for the following video:

Set-up: Computer/Projector and copies of handout for each student

Procedure: Play the video “NTHSA's Ride Smart.” Discuss key points made in the video

Activity ideas:

  • Color and post handout

  • Divide into groups and come up with the best presentation of the handout poem

  • Create your own poem

  • Tutor younger children on bicycle safety