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1) What is the DriveSafe Mode app?
The app has a patented process that allows users to monitor or control devices most often linked to distracted driving. The app allows parents to receive notifications when their children Facebook,Tweet, text, Snapchat, etc.

2) How do I download the DriveSafe Mode app?
First, visit to set up a free account. Create an account, and add a phone to your account. You will then want to download the DriveSafe Mode app for your Android or Apple device by simply searching “Drive Safe Mode.”

3) What happens if there’s an emergency?
Both Android and iPhone versions have an emergency tab to disable the app immediately if the user needs to call in case of an emergency.

4) Will the app drain my cell phone battery?
The app requires minimal usage.

5) Can I add more phone numbers?
Yes, log into your account and click “add phone number.”

6) Why was DriveSafe app created?
The app was invented by a parents of teen drivers and was designed to keep them safe, legal and alive.

7) When does the app kick in?
When your vehicle moves faster than 5 miles per hour.

8) Is this just for teens?
No, you can download this for employer owned phones to protect your employees, or download it for other friends or family members who may be frequest distrated drivers.

9) I’m a passenger in a vehicle with the app downloaded on my phone. Can I disable the app?
You can only do this if you Are you the owner of the parent account. If you are, log into your parent account at and go to the settings page. You will see an “ON/OFF” button for that phone. Switch it to off, and then log off.


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