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Toward Zero Deaths

Phone Down, Eyes Up

We Need Your Help On average, over 90 deaths occur each day from speeding vehicles (NHTSA) and 500 children under 14 years-old are killed each year while walking in what should be their safe haven—their neighborhood (NHTSA). You can make a difference by slowing down. Make sure you observe the 25-miles-per-hour speed limit. Talk with neighbors about […]

My Car Does What?

While you should always check your car’s user manual for how your specific technology operates, there are new vehicle safety technologies that can help prevent crashes. For more information on vehicle safety technology visit

Idaho high schoolers invited to help make roads safer.

10 percent of all drivers that were ages 15-19 involved in fatal crashes were reported involving distracted drivers at the time of the incident. This age group has the largest amount of drivers who were distracted while driving. Help us raise awareness throughout Idaho by participating in this fun competition! What to Submit One Video […]

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Need to change a tire? Nervous about icy roads? Get tips, watch tutorials, and learn new skills!